Historic Hubbell Trading Post still Open for Business

The Hubbell Trading Post in 1918. The bullpen is where the negotiating takes place (Courtesy of National Park Service)

By Elaine D. Briseño (ebriseno@adqjournal.com)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Long before mega chains dominated the retail scene, people relied on their local corner store for groceries, personal items and home goods.

The trading post was arguably the first generation of the corner store. They were usually built along popular trails or intersections of well-traveled roads.

The Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Ganado, Ariz., is one such place and is one of the longest operating trading posts in the region. Its founder, John Lorenzo Hubbell, was from a well- known New Mexico family whose impact in the Albuquerque area is felt to this day.

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