The Friends of Hubbell
National Historic Site Welcomes You!

Financial Report Year 2022

The Friends of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
Box 25603
Scottsdale, AZ 85255-5603

FOH Checking account Balance 1/1/2022: $51616.00

Membership Donations$875.00
Vendor Booth Sales$905.00
Donated Item Sales to FOH$11190.00
Scholarship Donations$32500.00
Raffle Auction Sales (Pendleton)$880.00
Gallup Lodgers Grant (2 Awards)$10466.00
FoH Clothing Sales$110.00
Auction revenue$43234.00
Total Income: $100160.00
Bulk Mailing Fees & Postage , PO Box$948.00
Printing & Copying$3932.00
Technology Contracting, Design Work$1260.00
Scholarships (8)$20500.00
FOH Board Donation (Manuelito, Authentic Native$750.00
FOH Board Liability Insurance Premium (Board, Auction)$1269.00
Corporation Commission Filing$10.00
FOH Storage, Gallup (Yearly Payment)$605.00
Auction Expenses, Supplies$2740.00
Accounting, Taxes CPA Fees$3020.00
Advertising Reimbursement$8049.00
FoH Board Auction Expense$6653.00
Gallup Community Center Rental/Cleaning$3116.00
Auction Security. (2/2022)$1550.00
Auction Fees (Auctioneers)$19423.00
Total Expenses: $73822.00
Wells Fargo Account Balance 1/1/2022$51616.00
Income 2022$100160.00
Less Expenses 2022 $73822.00
Balance Per Wells Fargo Statement 12/31/2022 $77954.00


  • Scholarships awards 7@ $2,500, One at $3,000. (Burnham #1) in 2022
  • Two auctions held in  2022, May & September
  • City of Gallup May & September 2022 Lodgers Tax award funded all auction advertising
  • May 22’ and Sept 22’ were both record setting auctions. 139k and 182k.  Over 60% of items crossing the block were sold.
  • Large number of items donated in May/Sept Auction.
  • FoH Locker prepaid for 2023 to include discount and 1 month free storage
  • Bulk mail account funded for 2023 in anticipation of 2 auctions.

Frank Kohler
Treas., Chairman 1/04/2023

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