The Friends of Hubbell
National Historic Site Welcomes You!

From Park Superintendents​

Trading Post Entrance (Courtesy of National Park Service)

“This unique collaboration between Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site and the Friends of Hubbell has made significant strides over the last few years. Together, we produce several events, two Native American Art Auctions and the Holiday Luminaria that bring new people to the site and connect directly with citizens of the Navajo Nation. The Friends have hit on a novel and enjoyable fund raising event, The Treasure Trail, which raises dollars for annual scholarships for Navajo and Hopi students. The caliber of candidates for these scholarships has proven to be amazing, and the award presentation is always inspiring. “Our group of Friends is an energetic and joyous amalgam of individuals from various places and walks of life who come together for Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site and who enjoy each others company as well. We always welcome new Friends to join us in this meaningful and rewarding partnership.”

—- Nancy Stone – former Superintendent

The Rug Room (Courtesy of National Park Service)

“One of the benefits of having our own Friends group is that we can collaborate on so many different projects. We already work together on the semi-annual art auction which brings money into the community, and visitors and attention for Hubbell (or Hubbells as local people refer to us).  Financial contributions from you help support the annual holiday luminaria, as well as small purchases we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.  In the past the Friends have bought folding chairs, propane heaters for the auction, and a grill for park potlucks.”
” One of the primary goals of a Friends group is “to aid and directly promote management programs and objectives of the Site for which no government or other donated funds are available”. Parks are not allowed to buy certain things, such as food for special events, and we rely on our partners for assistance.  We also rely on our partners to raise funds for projects we can’t afford or can’t get funding for.  Many grant opportunities require non-federal matching funds.”

—- Anne Worthington – former Superintendent

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