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Biography of J. L. Hubbell

Friends of Hubbell Trading Post founding member, Martha Blue, has published a biography of J. L. Hubbell and we have included a copy of the dust jacket, some quotes, the publisher of the book is Kiva Publications.

The email address for the author is if you would like to communicate with her.

“A must on the reading list of all interested in the way things were on the Big Rez in the early days.”

Tony Hillerman, author of ‘The First Eagle’

“We have been waiting to have Don Lorenzo Hubbell’s life story told for a long time. Martha Blue’s ethnobiography is a textile of diamond and cross shapes with serrated borders. It sets his life among the personalities and comparative history of the Spanish Mexican-American eras and the Navajo-Hopi before and after the creation of the Indian reservations.”

Stewart L. Udall, former Secretary of the Interior

“This is a wonderful biography, rich in anecdote, archival research and revealing oral histories from descendants of the
Navajos who lived and worked with J. L. Hubbell.”

Bruce Babbit

“A welcome addition to Navajo studies. Utilizing written and oral historical sources, Blue successfully weaves a
story of J. L. Hubbell’s life tha t recognizes the encounters between American Indian, Anglo, and Hispanic cultures.
The result is a fascinating portrait of a man who had the aptitude to survive in the Southwest during a period of change and turmoil”

Jennifer Denetdale, Ph.., Diné Historian

“Of all the people who have written about Indian traders, Martha Blue is the best. Since she lived and worked in Navajo Country with the Navajo people, she knows firsthand their trader experiences. Indian Trader gives a balanced view of Hubbell’s life, one that grabbed my interest”

Peterson Zah, former President, Navajo Nation

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