Since Hubbell Trading Post became a national historic site, several weavers have graciously introduced the public to the beauty and elegance of Navajo textiles and the harmony and balance that inspires them. This is the Navajo concept of hózhó.  This page is dedicated to all of the weavers who work tirelessly to perpetuate the art of Navajo weaving.


“Everything that is good; the concepts in Navajo of beauty, perfection, harmony, goodness, normality, success, well-being, blessedness, order, and ideal.”
Handbook of North American Indians Vol. 10 Southwest, Gary Witherspoon,
Language and Reality in Navajo World View.

A Few of the Weavers…

Mary Lee Begay wove at Hubbell for over 34 years, Evelyn Curley for 30 years, and Helen Kirk for 25 years. During their tenures, several million people watched these artists work at their craft, providing visitors an appreciation for this time honored art, an art form not often observed in progress otherwise. Friends of Hubbell acknowledges their unique service and dedicates college scholarships in their names.  You can click on the image to see a larger picture of the weaver and her work.
  • Mary Lee Begay: Artist in residence for over 34 years
  • Evelyn Curley: Artist in residence for over 30 years
  • Helen Kirk: artist in residence for 25 years

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