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Berlinsea Kee is the recipient of the inaugural Dr. Jim and Marcia Sherman $2,500 Scholarship. Berlinsea is from Lukachukai, Arizona, and is of the Tangle clan and born to the Redhouse people clan. She is majoring in Elementary Education at Dine’ College. A lifelong learner, her goal is to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, but also to focus her studies with minors in both Mathematics and Early Childhood Education.

“Teaching Native children has always been a dream of mine, after hearing about Native children being taken far away from their families. I want to teach and help Native students succeed in their academics as they stay near their families and loved ones,” she says. “Reading forms the foundation of learning, and my desire is to teach young students and help to provide them a solid foundation and make a difference in their education journey.”

“Providing for my family has been my priority in life, but going back to school to become a teacher is my professional goal. I am earning the degree, credentials and certificate that will enable me to make a positive impact on the younger generation’s learning,” Berlinsea states. She is well on her way to achieving her dreams of a BA in Elementary Education at Dine’ College, having completed more than two semesters and with plans to graduate in the Fall of 2024.
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