The Friends of Hubbell
National Historic Site Welcomes You!

Erin Cleveland received one of Friends of Hubbell’s $2,500 scholarships funded from auction profits, Erin Cleveland from Window Rock, AZ, is a senior attending Dine’ College and majoring in Biology.

“I love attending Dine’ College in person because they incorporate a lot of traditional values such as Navajo language and culture along with providing a higher education to the Navajo people,” Erin said.

Erin has studied at Dine’ College for over five years and has already earned two associate degrees in health occupation and public health. Her goal is to graduate in the spring of 2024 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.

“Upon completing my bachelors, I also plan to enroll in the Master’s Program in Biology at Dine’ College. With my degrees, I plan to enroll in Northern Arizona University’s Dental Hygiene Program and explore going into orthodontics or pediatric dentistry,” Erin stated.
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